City Council: 2010 Local Tax revenue fell below target

Written by / Tuesday, 18 January 2011 17:32

The person in charge of local tax revenues at the Freetown City Council has said that only Le 700 million was accrued from the payment of local tax in 2010.

Arthur William Lewis made this disclosure to CTN, while explaining about proceeds from last year’s local tax revenues.


He said “the money collected fell below the 2010 target of more than two billion Leones.”

“We did not even get as much as we collected in 2010,” Mr Lewis said.


Mr. Lewis blamed what he called “the disappointing tax collection exercise” on the reluctance of Freetown residents to pay their tax.


Mr. Lewis said citizen’s reluctance was due to what they believe is the Freetown City Council not living up to its expectations.


He said it appeared as if most of their projects being implemented in the municipality were not recognized.


He urged the public to regard the payment of taxes as a civic responsibility.


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