About Fondation Hirondelle

Friday, 10 September 2010 23:52

Fondation Hirondelle is a Swiss non-governmental organisation made up of journalists committed to creating independent media in war zones and other crisis areas. Founded in 1995, Fondation Hirondelle works in many countries, supplying information where it’s missing, countering and correcting rumours and fighting propaganda.  It is one of a handful of organisations in the world with this kind of experience.  By virtue of its quality journalism and through its varied broadcasts, Fondation Hirondelle allows millions of people everyday to gain a realistic picture of events in their own countries, to form their own opinions, and, above all, to get their voices heard.

Building hope, building trust

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right.  To deny individuals or different ethnic groups a voice is a serious violation of their dignity.  But in conflict zones or divided societies the civilian population is often subjected to misinformation and indoctrination by the warring parties.  They therefore have an urgent need for reliable and unbiased information.  By giving them a voice and by giving them the respect they deserve as audiences, Fondation Hirondelle’s media projects restore civilians’ dignity and self-respect.

‘Citizen media’ for a more civil society

Having access to reliable information means being able to make choices and learning to behave like responsible citizens.  Fondation Hirondelle’s mission it to help foster emerging democratic and tolerant societies and to help build open dialogue and informed public opinion. Justice, as a pre-condition of reconciliation, is at the heart of this mission.

Fondation Hirondelle currently has six media projects underway (in Sudan, DRC, CAR, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania). We have a headquarters staff of 14 and approximately 150 employees and contractors worldwide. Since our founding thirteen years ago, we have trained 500 people from 20 countries in its field operations. Our current operational budget is approximately $9 million, with most funding from European countries, USA and private foundations.

Fondation Hirondelle’s media facilitate urban-rural dialogue. They are neither merely capital-based stations that broadcast from the city to the countryside, nor are they exclusively rural stations that inform citizens about their local communities. We are committed to leaving local media in place after our departure and ensuring that responsible broadcasting by local journalists continues.

In our projects we place great emphasis on practical education and real-world experience. Fondation Hirondelle projects are accountable to the full spectrum of the public for providing accessible, high quality programming. A main focus is providing excellent election coverage, including on-air forums where the public can debate issues key to national and local elections. Our goal is to treat our emerging media as businesses that must increase their sales and expand their reach and become viable as commercial enterprises. The long run goal for our media is to become financially self-sustainable by covering operating costs through the local market.

Contacts and information:

Caroline Vuillemin, Chief Operations Officer
cvuillemin [at] hirondelle.org

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