Written by Munda Rogers / Monday, 20 December 2010 14:32
The Minister of Information and Communication has said that it is the responsibility of the government of Sierra Leone to provide the requisite infrastructure, rules, guidelines and regulations that will enable the country to be part of the international telecommunication sector. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo was speaking in Freetown after representing Sierra Leone at a Beijing conference on the modernization of the Communication sector in third World Countries. He said the government has already engaged the Indian government to refurbish the country’s entire telephone system. He said the landing of the Africa Coast to Europe fiber optic and the Eco-One project are all geared towards improving the telecommunications network in the country. The Minister disclosed that the results from several national surveys on the country’s telecommunication system reveal a number of weaknesses and challenges.  Mr. Ben Kargbo said the government would have to address the telecommunications gap by taking into account the outcome of the survey.    
Written by Administrator / Wednesday, 15 December 2010 12:37
The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists SLAJ has condemned the arrest of four journalists, on the purported instructions of a government minister. The four journalists, Abdul Rahman Kamara of The Torchlight, Razrok Wurie of The Satellite, Sheik Unisa Thoronka of Global Times and Alfred Koroma of The African Champion, were arrested by police allegedly on the orders of the Lands Minister, Allieu Pat Sowe.The journalists were investigating an apparent financial scam as contained in an audit report of funds provided to the Lands Ministry by the Investment Climate Facility. According to the journalists, while investigating the matter at the Lands Ministry on Monday, the new minister entered one of the offices, and asked what the journalists were doing there. They told him they were investigating a story but the minister said he was not satisfied as the journalists had certain documents in their possession. The minister it is further alleged later called the Inspector General of Police for the journalists to be arrested.SLAJ president has called on the police not to undermine the journalists’ investigation into the apparent disappearance of donor funds as contained in the said audit report. Meanwhile, the Minister of Lands Allieu Pat Sowe has however denied the allegations made against him by SLAJ.  
Written by Ndeamoh Mansaray / Thursday, 09 December 2010 12:51
Parliament on Tuesday enacted the Teaching Service Commission Bill. The Minister of Education Dr.Minkailu Bah, who presented the bill in parliament, said the commission would look into the welfare of teachers in the country. Parliamentarians supported the bill but raised certain concerns which they said were important to the success of the commission. Honourable Soufian Kargbo of the All Peoples Congress made reference to the Education Act of 2004 and questioned the relationship between the Commission and the Board of Governors of schools. He advised that there should be clarification in order to prevent conflict of interest. He also advised that the commission’s duties go beyond the welfare of teachers in order to look into the issue of the dress code of pupils.Honourable Tamba Kai Banya of the Sierra Leone’s Peoples Party said the commission was important because it would capacitate the teachers to teach well and enable the ministry to get the correct number of teachers in the country.He raised the issue of motivation for teachers by giving them allowances for services in the remote areas and for the teaching of science subjects which was given to teachers in the past.The Minister of Education responded that the ministry has agreed to pay allowances for remote area and teaching of the sciences but does not have reliable data of the teachers. He said that was what had led them to conduct a census of schools and teachers.  
Written by Abubakarr Bah / Tuesday, 07 December 2010 12:14
The Director of the Sierra Leone Prisons, Moses Showers has been relieved of his duties following the escape of over nineteen "hardcore" prisoners from the Maximum Pademba Road Prisons on Sunday.     The Deputy Director of Prisons, Mr. Belloh Kamara has been appointed as Acting Director.Talking to journalists at Police Headquarters on Monday, Mr. Kamara described the escape of the inmates, including hardcore criminals as unfortunate for the country and the security sector.He said as the new Prison’s boss, he would ensure that the prisoners on the run are re-arrested. Mr. Kamara said that the escape of the prisoners was as a result of what he called a conspiracy committed by some prison officers he referred to as bad eggs within the prisons.The Deputy Inspector General of Police Richard Moibeh said the Sierra Leone Police, the Operational Support Division (OSD) and the Military would help the Prisons in their manhunt. He said prison officers and two civilians were helping the police with investigation.  
Written by Sahr Komba / Wednesday, 01 December 2010 15:46
The matter between the state and the suspended Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Alieu Sesay and four others continued on Tuesday at the High Court in Freetown before Justice Samuel Ademusu.

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